west of wisdom, south of dream

More about this series of work

Our world is in upheaval. What was certain and predictable in the past is uncertain and incalculable today. Pandemics, climate, energy shortages and wars occupy us today in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Everything is suddenly negotiable. Influenced by this, my current works show people and landscapes in the in-between: somewhere between human and animal, outside world and psychogram. Sizes, colors, species boundaries and the number of limbs is negotiable. The sceneries serve to characterize man and time, they do not represent worldly spaces, they are psychological landscapes. Often they are sceneries of transition between land and water, mountain and sky, and often there are enigmatic buildings in them or beings in the midst of transformation. Much is hinted at, but little is clearly formulated. The motifs and reflections are not quite tangible, elude the viewer and challenge a deeper engagement. It seems as if a small piece is missing to open up the story as a whole. This creates ambiguous paintings that raise more questions than they answer and could always be interpreted in this or that way and thus reflect our time.